Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hey you sister!


You don't know me that much right! 

Hmm.. me too. I'm still don't even know myself perfectly. As time flies very well. I'm just still at here and always thinking about me. Sometimes, when comes the time that makes me freaking, the things around me turn to a messy situations. Then my head thought that this problem will brings to a big trouble. Haa..really sorry mr. head. I'm always involve you in my personal problems. Haha, don't worry bro. You are such a very loyal friend that I ever had after Allah SWT!


"What! seriously. You are the older sis in your family. haha, I thought that you are the last child becoz you are seem like that. Your face doesn't show that you can handle much of responsility with cleverly. Opps, sorry. That's only my opinion. Please don't take it serious ok. But, I'm still can't believe of it hehe.."

How dare u, girl!

And of course this. Such as, "kecilnya kau, tak layak jadi kakak la aku rasa" and this, "ko biar betol! mesti ko selalu kena buli ngan adik-adik ko an? sebab ko baik sangat. cuba garang sikit weyh!". Yeah, maybe my appearence don't show that I'm looking like a sister but my soul do. The fact is I'm the older sis. You girl! you r too much. U KNOW? Stop doing it. Don't ask me why. you just can't. To me, it's seems like a rudely action la. ok! I know I'm being so lame right now. But, at least I have a heart for other people's feeling! That  at least I care about what others r feeling!

The reality is...

I'm just an ordinary girl. Always be a simple person in whatever I've done. Normal things could not be like  an extraordinary one. But, it maybe can be happen when we strive to it. Try hard to be the best, and do the best then beat the best one. Actually, I also made a mistake. And sometimes, I feel like I want to run away from all the problems around me. Yes, its not the easy one for being a sister. Feel like I have a heavy stone on my shoulder that will gain it weight day by day..

To all the older sister in this world. Please keep moving. You are the best one forever becoz you always try  your best. Just look forward. We can't stop people to talking, talking and talking bout us. So, just let it be.

For me, how hard I have to settle my problem, I don't need a boyfriend to helping me. and I also don't really like to ask my classmates to always be with me. But who cares? I get enough value support from my family and my close friends to keep me going. And yes peoples, Single is fun. couple? oh not to me. I wouldn't my future husband to have a wife who have many lovers in the past. It's not very nice, right?

So, guys, it actually fun to be an older sister. "paling penting, lagi banyak tanggungjawab yang kita hadapi, semakin banyaklah pahala yang Allah beri, insyaallah..!" 

K, enough with that. gotta out now. Bye! and again, assalamualaikum....*

* masnayli official blog~ 


  1. amboi, dh mcm esei muet dh aq tgk, pnjng bebeno.

    i c ur point, but, not only being an elder sister is pathetic bcz of ur respnsblity to othr sib, being as a youngest sister also feel the same way bcz of always being abandoned n alienated from othr sib.

    BTW, mas, everybody deserved to hav their conjecture n trial in life. thats y manusia dpnggl khalifah dimuka bumi, utk mnghdapi ujian. Allah bg kite temukn sahabat utk kite utk mringankn perasaan beban but bkn cre mengonngoi atau mmprsoalkn takdir. Tp sometimes kite alpa n lupa, so shbt la yg kne ingtkn.
    Lagi satu, manusia ni unik sbb ada tears. kucing pon xleh nangis kalo sedih cmne pon. Allah xlarang utk cry, so, kalo xthn nangis jela, repeat, kalo xthn je... hehe nangis byk pn xelok, xleh ubah ape2 yg trjd pon..

    Cheer beb! im very lucky. u know wht i mean? saranghae, jgn sedih2 k.

    masnayli gambate! hwaiting! ^_^