Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Life! New Beginning! 2012/2013

assalamualaikum ; )

Owh yeah and ahaks! its been a month since I updates this blog. Ah! really miss you Cikblog. Hehe.

Arrr, after three weeks in Perlis Matriculation College(PMC),
I started to miss all of my family so much,
my friends, and all the sweetest memories that I had with them.
Homesick juga kot! gitu2 la haha.
 It's kinda hard for me to focus on my study in this situation,
Haha, that's why i'm at home right now.,
Yes, I'm coming home by bus,
Sitting on the chair for 8 hours.
Very very tired. u know!

By the way, Im now an accounting student at PMC,
Actually, Im very happy to be there.
The environmont is quite peacefull.
The paddy field and Uitm perlis is near with my college.
I can see the uitm students are exercise with the chicken dance song for their orientation day.
U know what? that's so cute actually.
Yeah, that's what I mean! 


Im so tired right now,
Not get enough time to sleep.
So that all for today..bai. assalam.

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